Granite surface plates
ISO 17025
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Certified Service Company of Ohio

Along with granite surface plates calibration , Certified Service Company does GRANITE SQUARE, Granite Block and Granite Tables calibration!

Certified Service Company of Ohio, LLC-

Onsite- Right in Your Plant!

Over 40 years of metrology experience and modern calibration tools mean that we are fully equipped to meet all of your granite plate needs!

Do you have a damaged surface plate/granite surface plate or a one that needs service? No problem! We also do repairs, resurfacing and cleaning of all granite plates.

squares Full calibration services
tables We come to you!- All work done on-site, right in your plant
metrology Granite Plate (Also referred to as: Granite Surface Plates, Granite Tables or Granite Blocks) Calibration Services
ISO Repair Chipped Granite Surface Plates/Granite Plates
calibration services Machine Damaged Granite Surface Plates/Granite Plates
Granite surface plates Obtain Actual Readings on Tiny Granite Surface Plates/Granite Plates

Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by the Laboratory Accreditation Bureau


ISO/IEC 17025 is the single most important measure of metrology standards for testing and measurement

bullet Certified Metrologist
bullet We provide you with an Inspection Report as well as a Certificate of Traceability for each of the granite surface plates
Granite Surface Plates

We calibrate GRANITE SURFACE PLATES ON-SITE right in your plant

granite plates calibration

Now, we also calibrate GRANITE SQUARES ON-SITE right in your plant

granite plates calibration
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